President orders cancellation of bylaws impeding ease of doing business

YOGYAKARTA-President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has ordered scrapping of all bylaws impeding the ease of doing business and investing in Indonesia before July 2016.
"I have ordered the home affairs minister to scrap some three thousand bylaws by July at the latest without conducting any study," President Jokowi announced at a national convention 'Indonesia in Progress' held at the University of Muhammadiyah here on Monday.
The bylaws must be scrapped soon without conducting any study, he added.
Last year, the president had called for a study to scrap the bylaws impeding the ease of doing business and making investment. However, only seven bylaws have been scrapped since then.
"If the bylaws appear to add to complications, they must be scrapped immediately. When it comes to laws, these must be revised soon without having to issue new laws," he reiterated.
Indonesia's competitiveness index has not made progress because the country does not have the courage to overhaul its laws and regulations, he added.
The country has nearly 42 thousand regulations in the form of laws, presidential regulations, government regulations , ministerial regulations and bylaws, he noted.
"Right now, some three thousand problematic bylaws are found in the home affairs ministry," he pointed out.
The head of state made it clear that three steps must be taken to catch up with other countries. These are: expediting the pace of infrastructure development, massive deregulation and human resources development.
"We must focus on these three matters," he urged.(rep05/rol)

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